Hearing is Communicating

Posted on 29th June 2017 in Health

One of the hardest things I had to do as my father got older was convince him that his ever lessening ability to hear was affecting our relationship. At first he simply denied that his hearing was going by complaining that it was my fault for not speaking up. He always claimed that I wasn’t speaking clearly and told me to ‘stop your mumbling.’ But as Dad’s hearing continued to decline it became harder for him to deny the obvious.

Dad had to keep turning the television volume up, and he couldn’t claim that the professional television talkers were mumbling. He could also not deny that he was having trouble hearing other people besides me. I finally just came out and told him that my inability to talk to him because of his inability to hear me was having a negative effect on his relationships with me and everyone else: ‘Hearing is communicating because it is one half of a conversation, and without being able to hear both halves you can’t communicate.’ Finally he then agreed to get hearing aids Manchester.

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Manage cerumen impacation!

Posted on 25th September 2016 in Health

Have you ever gone on long enough without having wax removed in your ears that it actually hurts? Did you also know that the in-ear speakers you can’t do without, interfere with the natural process of wax expulsion and can develop a blockage of wax? Just like most people I had little knowledge of this.

While it’s important to appreciate the protective function that wax has within the ears, too much wax can damage your poor little ear drums. While ear drops alone will often clear a plug of ear wax, ear syringing Manchester (also known as ear irrigation) will be needed if the ear drops fail to work. The procedure is painless and uses lukewarm water to wash out the ear canal.

While the process is not too much fun for some people, it’s a whole tonne better that having a buzzing or a bleeding ear.So next time you think about passing on that appointment, please reconsider.

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